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This is the place for constructive criticism! While this is an FF14 character from the realm of Eorzea, I realize there's TONS of info I've likely missed to help me portray this character better.

Or, perhaps one of the small boxes I'm running is having a problem and you need to hit me up! You're welcome to do so right here. Messages are screened!
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Madhuri is an Au Ra of the Xaela type, and a member of the songbird tribe, the Qalli. Her people are nomadic, living off the fat of the land while learning what they can to further help their minds develop. Because of this, Madhuri is a rather street-wise person, as well as something of a survivalist. If she's ever stranded somewhere, she has a higher possibility of doing just fine within reason than most others.

Madhuri is an adult in her mid-twenties, and stands at 5 feet, 2 inches. She as well as the other women of her kind aren't the tallest women on earth, and most of her height comes from her legs. Her eyes are a deep purple, matching her lighter-shaded hair, and her lips are darkly painted, and regularly touched up. Her stance and walk is confident, but her body language is very loose and playful. That is because she is a bard as well as a dancer, as singing and dancing not only races through her blood as a Qalli, but are two of her favorite pastimes. Ask her to sing or ask her to dance for you, and nine times out of ten she is happy to oblige or some up with a poem or goofy limerick on the spot. Before one asks, the horns, the patches of black scales on her skin, and that spiny tail are very much natural and hers.

In brief, Madhuri is a performer, storyteller and a positive, flirty individual. To give everything her all and be upbeat is what helps her through life even in times of strife, but few people actually know what she is like at the end of the day.

You'd have to poke her a little bit to find out.

For other information, I have an f-list always under construction while I figure out what the hell I like.


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