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This is the place for constructive criticism! While this is an FF14 character from the realm of Eorzea, I realize there's TONS of info I've likely missed to help me portray this character better.

Or, perhaps one of the small boxes I'm running is having a problem and you need to hit me up! You're welcome to do so right here. Messages are screened!

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May. 23rd, 2021 09:10 am
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FREQUENCY: 949.20914
DESCRIPTION: Easier to catch during the day. Once the sun goes down, she's got to get ready for the show and won't be available.

LOCATION: Mailbox dangling on trailer door.
DESCRIPTION: The mailbox is a little gaudy but unsurprising. Slip the note inside and she'll check it in the morning over tea.
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Madhuri is an Au Ra of the Xaela type, and a member of the songbird tribe, the Qalli. Her people are nomadic, living off the fat of the land while learning what they can to further help their minds develop. Because of this, Madhuri is a rather street-wise person, as well as something of a survivalist. If she's ever stranded somewhere, she has a higher possibility of doing just fine within reason than most others.

Madhuri is an adult in her mid-twenties, and stands at 5 feet, 2 inches. She as well as the other women of her kind aren't the tallest women on earth, and most of her height comes from her legs. Her eyes are a deep purple, matching her lighter-shaded hair, and her lips are darkly painted, and regularly touched up. Her stance and walk is confident, but her body language is very loose and playful. That is because she is a bard as well as a dancer, as singing and dancing not only races through her blood as a Qalli, but are two of her favorite pastimes. Ask her to sing or ask her to dance for you, and nine times out of ten she is happy to oblige or some up with a poem or goofy limerick on the spot. Before one asks, the horns, the patches of black scales on her skin, and that spiny tail are very much natural and hers.

In brief, Madhuri is a performer, storyteller and a positive, flirty individual. To give everything her all and be upbeat is what helps her through life even in times of strife, but few people actually know what she is like at the end of the day.

You'd have to poke her a little bit to find out.

For other information, I have an f-list always under construction while I figure out what the hell I like.
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JOINED: May 2017

✧COMMON CHANGE: Fae marks on tongue and down throat, bio luminescent scales down shoulders and back.

1ST CONTRACT: Give someone else the title of Warrior of Light in her place.

CONTACT: [ profile] MechaPony, RainbowDonut #5538 on Discord
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Name: Ami
Contact: MechaPony at Plurk, RainbowDonut #5538 on Discord
Other Characters: None

Character Name: Madhuri Qalli
Age: Mid-twenties
Species: Xaela Au Ra
Canon: Final Fantasy XIV (OC)
Canon Point: The end of the Dragonsong War with Nidhogg's defeat

Character Info:

Madhuri began as a singer and a dancer from the mountains, hunting and gathering for her clan all while building and controlling her power over song and magic itself with every step. That changed when the goddess of the world decided to choose her of all people.

She is one of a group of people within the world of Hydaelyn known as the Warriors of Light, all blessed and chosen for the task of saving the world by the aforementioned goddess. To balance Light and Dark as a whole prevented the world from being swallowed by either. Joining her are many hopefuls from every corner of the world that form the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. They are frequently challenged by baddies or the threat of genocide by summoned monsters posing as gods, they are swiftly defeated, and some semblance of peace in the land is maintained until the agents of darkness, the Ascians, execute their next move to rattle the balance.

As for the bard herself, she's more keen on having attention on her when she performs. Saving the world just isn't her bag, but it seems that nobody else can really do the job, especially considering the antagonists seem keen on killing her.


Because of her upbringing among the Qalli, song practically dances in her blood, and she grew to love all things musical or poetic. Such a strong passion leads her to believe that song can express emotion where spoken word can otherwise not, and in times of peril or stress she finds herself singing to help herself keep calm and cool. This does, of course, make her seem a little strange to outsiders. It even makes her seem a little nuts to start reciting some old tune she'd overheard in a bar when deep inside she's a little unsure.

This isn't often, however. The singer is also quite the performer. Watching her clanmates dance and attending as many plays and interactive tales as possible led her to believe that her body can be used as well as her voice to express what she wishes. Madhuri grew into a proficient actor as well as singer, to the point where sometimes even she isn't sure how she really is deep down when, most of the time, she puts out a charismatic persona to help ease the troubles of others. She tries to be as outgoing and as friendly as possible, ready with a joke or a song to keep her in many's good graces.

But to this day, the uncertainty still plagues her. Is she insecure? Of course she is. She's a small, rather strange-looking woman with her horns and tail, and a beauty that tends to turn heads. While she does not consider that a curse by any means, she does wonder if all of this interest she keeps getting will end the moment she relaxes and stops singing or acting. She wonders if there's some sort of personality in her that will bore her companions or potential beloved ones.

Becoming the Warrior of Light absolutely did not help matters any. Many protagonists consider being a chosen one of some kind a blessing or a path toward destiny and bettering one's self as a person, but Madhuri dreads and actually loathes her role each and every day. She thought she had it so simply, you see, traveling the world and seeing what there is to see, composing songs and choreographing dances. But knowing that the world absolutely depends on you is a terrifying thought. How can someone who is still learning bit by bit of themselves have the capacity to learn of the dangers surrounding her as Hydaelyn's chosen, learn of the threat of the Ascians, the primals and the rest?

Why was she never given the chance to say no, give that crap to someone else?

All she wanted to be was a simple bard. Now, as companions who champion her foisted cause die at her feet protecting her or suffer worse fates, she finds herself withdrawing. People are lighting up when they see her- not HER of course, but the Warrior of Light- and then dying heroically for her. That's terrifying. That's terrifying. She barely knows these people, and just as well, as she feels these people don't know her either.

But she grins and bears it as best as she can, and that's the crux of Madhuri. She fights to be something everyone needs: A rock, a crutch, some emotional support of some kind, or the funny girl that finds just the right thing to say. But she wishes deep down that someone would ask her if she's okay. If someone would just ask her how she's holding up and speak with her as an individual rather than some special chosen snowflake, she feels she may start actually figuring herself out. She may actually start feeling okay.

But until then, she'll keep singing and dancing, acting the role many expect her to. Because what else has she got at this point, when she's supposed to be the gods-damned savior of the realm?

God, she's so lonely...


Instrument Summoning- Madhuri can call upon her instrument of choice, a purple guitar that bears a shape similar to a Gibson. It is directly connected to her in that her magic is the amp, and this allows her to play music wherever she is capable of summoning her instrument. It can also be used as a bludgeoning weapon if need be.

Bard Song (Offensive/Support)- The tales of many of the prominent figures from her world stir her blood. Depending on the song she is playing, she can use relevent magics via firing bolts of it at her foes or adding effects around her purely for show (drizzling rain, a rumble of thunder, trembling earth, a little snow perhaps). The available tales she can tap into are Garuda (wind magic), Ramuh (lightning magic), Titan (earth magic), Leviathan (water magic), Ifrit (fire magic) and Shiva (ice magic).

Secondly, these songs can be used to temporarily imbue a friend's wielded weapon with the relevant element should there be need for it.

Charm Person (With player consent)- Madhuri can flex her magic to imbue her song and dance to coax a listener a little closer, perhaps give up a little extra money for their troubles. The listener enters a captivated state if they have particularly weak mental defenses or may just be in a lightened mood otherwise, but the listener will never perform acts that they are staunchly against.

To apply a power cap, Madhuri cannot make suggestions of anyone or fully control a person. Just loosen their lips or wallets a little.

Mundane Skills- Balancing, agility, combat strategy and experience... ah, and cooking. Madhuri is a top-level culinarian, and can cook a meal that can knock your socks off. A nomad is nothing if they can't feed themselves and feed others, after all.

Soul Colour: Indigo, deep and vibrant.
Ideal Jobs: Showman, mercenary
Relevant Experience: As a dancer and a bard, Madhuri lives and breathes dance and song. Because of her job class an strong affiliation with magic and in part due to the nature of her world, songs can impart strengths and weaknesses upon friends and foes respectively. This can easily and neatly be used to help subdue the unsavory, but also help fill the seats in the big top and captivate an audience to put some serious dosh into the carnival.
Reason for Joining: Madhuri would very happily sign up for work with the Ringmaster. She'd always wanted to run away to the circus, and would find no reason to go back. In exchange for her services, she hopes that someone else can be saddled with the role of Warrior of Light, and she can just be another adventurer and live freely should she ever wish to go back home.


First Sample: A test drive thread for another game.

Second Sample: A log in the same game.


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