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This is the place for constructive criticism! While this is an FF14 character from the realm of Eorzea, I realize there's TONS of info I've likely missed to help me portray this character better.

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Madhuri is an Au Ra of the Xaela type, and a member of the songbird tribe, the Qalli. Her people are nomadic, living off the fat of the land while learning what they can to further help their minds develop. Because of this, Madhuri is a rather street-wise person, as well as something of a survivalist. If she's ever stranded somewhere, she has a higher possibility of doing just fine within reason than most others.

Madhuri is an adult in her early twenties, and stands at 5 feet, 2 inches. She as well as the other women of her kind aren't the tallest women on earth, and most of her height comes from her legs. Her eyes are a deep purple, matching her lighter-shaded hair, and her lips are darkly painted, and regularly touched up. Her stance and walk is confident, but her body language is very loose and playful. That is because she is a bard as well as a dancer, as singing and dancing not only races through her blood as a Qalli, but are two of her favorite pastimes. Ask her to sing or ask her to dance for you, and nine times out of ten she is happy to oblige or some up with a poem or goofy limerick on the spot. Before one asks, the horns, the patches of black scales on her skin, and that spiny tail are very much natural and hers.

In brief, Madhuri is a performer, storyteller and a positive, flirty individual. To give everything her all and be upbeat is what helps her through life even in times of strife, but few people actually know what she is like at the end of the day.

You'd have to poke her a little bit to find out.

Madhuri Qalli
Hypnotic Dance

Name: Madhuri Qalli
Age: 21
Canon: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood
Canon Point: Zenos' defeat and the liberation of Ala Mhigo.
Appearance: Noted above.
Canon Abilities: Archery, magicked voice, the Echo
History: See application.
Personality: Flirty, upbeat performer. Bears leadership skills but pointedly avoids using them. Inwardly a very tired and weary soul.
Power: Hypnotic Dance
Price: A photograph of Haurchefant, containing the memories of him.
Acceptance Month: July
Acclimation Level: 8
Summary of Game History: TBD
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Physical Affection: Yes | Yes
Violence: If she has to defend herself... | Sure, just talk to me.
Death: Rather not. | Do talk to me.
Sexual Content: Now, pls | Sure!
Power Usage: Yes | Yes
Mind Reading: "Goodness, you could just ask~" | Haha, ask me and we can hash out details.

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Backtagging: Mostly open. If the post is 2 weeks old or older we may as well make a new thread.
Fourth Wall Breaking: Sure!
OK Kinks: Gosh, most anything. Madhuri is a femdom, so heads up. She prefers male partners.
No Go Kinks: Nonconsent is a very hard no. Otherwise, if unsure, ask me!
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HMD: Yo.

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CANON & HISTORY: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood!

Madhuri was born among a people known as the Xaela Au Ra, a nomadic people with horns, reptilian tails and origins under much debate (dragon ancestors? none? The Auri find it insulting, actually). Specifically, Madhuri is the daughter of a woman of the Qalli tribe, a group of Auri known for their singing voices and adding musical tones to their speech to better convey emotions. Her childhood was a simple one, helping her learn how to hunt and gather, and how to work and trade. When she reached adulthood, Madhuri set out to explore the world as her ancestors did.

This led her to the town of Gridania, hidden in the forests of the Black Shroud. Here she took on work, performing odd jobs as any new adventurer would do, until after a chance encounter with an enraged monster she finds a strange crystal lying on the ground. Madhuri then meets Hydaelyn, the Mother-Crystal and creator of all life. She bids Madhuri to find the other Crystals of Light as she had just then to purge the world of the encroaching darkness. Though unsure of if she simply was out in the sun too long, she saw fit to complete her task. The odd encounter with the crystal also grabs the attention of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, a group of adventurers who pledge to save Eorzea from the threat of the Primals, mythical beasts created by the maddened desires of the beast tribes and a whole lot of crystal energy. To allow one Primal to roam freely on the surface spells destruction for other races in the region in a fit of genocide.

So falls the Primals Ifrit and Titan. With their evils put to rest and the Scions' attempts to quell the sorrows and anger of the other races with the help of their new Auri recruit, Madhuri finds what she is looking for, piece by piece, and is continually urged to continue to build her power as the Warrior of Light.

That is, until she enters the headquarters of the Scions and finds many of them dead and dying. The Garleans, an Empire hoping to expand their reach over every continent on the planet, have found their way in and attacked while demanding the one who slew Ifrit and Titan. While the Scions' leader, Minfilia, surrendered herself to prevent any further bloodshed, she was instead abducted with a number of the Scions. Madhuri fled, holding no clue as to where her comrades had been taken, and left with no option but to protect herself above all else. Eventually she found herself in the Thanalan desert, hiding away in a little church in the middle of nowhere. Here she finds a man with no memory of who he once was, and a kind priest who asks her to help him recall. It is with great fortune that a young elezen named Alphinaud appears, stating that the amnesiac is in fact a man named Cid Garlond, and he has an airship they may need; the Ixals, a bird-like beast tribe, have summoned their Primal Garuda and the Warrior of Light can't run forever. Determined, the amnesiac and Alphinaud join Madhuri in finding where the airship Enterprise (har har, Square) had once run aground.

This led Cid, Alphinaud and Madhuri to the northern region of Coerthas, where the city of Ishgard lays silent and isolated from the rest of the world as they lay locked in their own war against the dragons. Though many of the locals are of no help to them and push them away, one noble house remained: House Fortemps, where they meet Lord Haurchefant. He guided them to the resting place of the Enterprise, and in kind offers a place of sanctuary should they ever need it. But with no time to lose, the team recovered the Enterprise and see to its repairs. With Garuda kicking up fierce tornadoes, only the strongest flying machine could get them through.

Garuda is fierce, the largest and bloodthirstiest of the Primals, but Madhuri's blessing via the Crystals of Light overcomes the angered Lady of the Vortex. Yet the Ixal's madness, their sheer devotion to see all non-feathered folk destroyed, keeps her active and the team finds themselves prepared to battle her again. However, as Garuda destroys some captive beasts of the other tribes, she turns their essence to that of their respective primals - Ifrit and Titan - the battle seems to be one too great for the Auri and her two companions. They begin to flee on the Enterprise, hoping to regroup.

That was when the Garleans decided to unveil something they found while excavating the ruins of the ancient race, the Allagans: They found the Ultima Weapon. The team watches in horror as the Ultima makes short work of Titan, Ifrit and Garuda, not only destroying them but absorbing them and emitting a terrible glow. Thoroughly outclassed, the team escaped, and hid away to come up with a plan. With the Ultima on the loose, they doubt they'd see any other Primals appearing any time soon.

The team happens upon another two of the Scions, who they discover has found the location of their missing comrades. With Ultima put on the back burner, the growing team heads in to bust out their pals out of a Garlean base camp, pulling the old 'disguise yourself as the enemy' trick and slipping in with a strange amount of easiness. The battle, however, is a struggle to remember, but one in the name of the Scions. With their friends freed, the Scions make for a hairy rendezvous, narrowly escaping the sea of Garlean forces hot on their heels. During their escape, a mysterious robed figure - one of many beings known as the Ascians, sowers of chaos - reveals that he has inhabited the body of one of the Scions' comrades, Thancred. Though the Scions won the day, they regrettably have to leave their friend behind until they have a plan to purge the foul Ascian from Thancred's body.

The ultimate plan is then formed: Gather up every military force in Eorzea, from the Gridanians to the Ul'dahns to the Lominsans, and everyone in between. If everyone would combine their forces to crush every Garlean stronghold, they could finally drive back an Empire that has been threatening a complete take-over for decades. Fearful before of Ultima Weapon, the city-states realize now that the Warrior of Light nor the Scions have not died that day the Garleans attacked their headquarters. They realized they had a chance, and they took it.

The operation was a complete and utter success. The Garleans were routed with the destruction of many of their major strongholds. In desperation, they even set Ultima upon Madhuri and the gang, but with the power of the Crystals of Light and Hydaelyn tearing the essences of the stolen primals out of its being, Ultima is nothing more than a busted tin can by the time the job is done. With the Garlean strongholds in ruins and the Empire withdrawing for the time being, the city-states and Scions celebrate a well-earned victory. They knew the Garleans would be back and new primals would arrive in short order with the threat of Ultima gone, but for now, the country of Eorzea would be quiet and peaceful.

The Scions, meanwhile, publicly announce their presence and move to the north, opening operations in the northern city of Revenant's Toll to accommodate their newfound popularity and increased requests for aid.

The peace doesn't last long. The moogles report that an obsessive group known as the Mooglesguard have summoned a being rather like a primal named Good King Moggle Mogg XII (may his radiance forever shine). With the idea that a violent moogle might actually be terrifying, the King is dethroned and the ones responsible are imprisoned for further questioning. But it also brought forth a new question: What is a primal, and how are crystals and prayer able to bring even storybook figures to life?

They have no chance to answer, as an Ascian named Elidibus arrives claiming to be an emissary merely exercising his curiosity about the Scions and the powers they command. Madhuri is hot on his heels when he tried to escape, and she comes to learn a few things about these odd robed figures as Elidibus eludes her: Ascians are immortal, and seek to learn more about their pasts; the information lost to them throughout history. The Scions have a lynch pin known as the Echo, granting them the ability to glimpse the past of an individual they resonate with. Using the Echo, the Ascians hope to learn more about themselves, and perhaps a possible way to further their own sinister goals in the name of 'balance'.

Because Hydaelyn has an antithesis, a dark being known as 'the one true god', Zodiark.

Again, there is little time to reflect upon the information. Two more pieces of grim news arrive: The Scions' source of information from overseas has suddenly gone completely silent, and Garlemald, the homeland of the Empire, is currently in a succession war. The city of Doma was razed as an example, and many of the Domans have arrived in Eorzea seeking asylum in exchange for work and bolstering defenses. While the former bits of news are troubling and an investigation is underway, the refugees - with great relief - find a place in the northern regions, assisting the growing adventuring presence in Revenant's Toll in the nick of time. They had need for working hands and strong backs, and Doman refugees provided plenty of both. The refugee's leader, a masked woman named Yugiri, is grateful to find a place to rest her weary head.

Meanwhile news breaks of the amphibious beast tribe, the Sahagin, working to summon the primal Leviathan. The Scions move out quickly to perhaps stop a summoning before it starts. Admiral Merlwyb, the 'ex'-pirate leading the goings-on in the coastal city of Limsa Lominsa, meets them there with the details. They are sadly too late, and bear witness to a strange ceremony: As Minfilia and Madhuri sense the presence of the Echo power, the sahagin elder seems to be able to allow his spirit to leave his body and possess another member of the tribe upon his death, all while claiming he is finally eternal. But when Merlwyb intervenes further to stop the ceremony completely, the elder instead uses his essence to feed the newly-summoned Leviathan who sets off for sea. But pirates will be pirates: Commanding a ship and setting off after the great serpent, Leviathan is quickly laid low before he can gather enough power to level the coasts with a tidal wave.

But what did that elder do back there? Just what is the Echo? How do they understand so little of it?

The Scions' luck seems to continue in the red as news breaks of their information network oversees: A mysterious power had completely destroyed the island, and there were no survivors. Minfilia, having had many friends there, begins to feel her hopes truly slip. Madhuri begins to feel her first pangs of disconnect with everything going on. How were they being given the slip no matter what they did...?

Meanwhile, in the desert city of Ul'dah, tensions are rising. Teledji Adeledji, one of the richest men in a society where your level of wealth equaled your level of powers, is suspected heavily of arming refugees and keeping the military and heroic eyes busy while he sought to dig up yet another Allagan artifact. This artifact, more powerful than Ultima, would grant him the ability to overthrow the city-states and perhaps claim Eorzea for himself, all while making nice with the refugees and abusing their trust as potential gullible allies. But with little solid proof that could put him behind bars, the Scions entrust Raubahn, guardian of the Ul'dahn Sultana and head of the military force within the desert city to find information to take Teledji down.

Another primal arises, Ramuh, called upon by the plant-like Sylphs in fear of another Imperial invasion of the woods, threatening the alliance the Gridanians currently hold with the little people. Madhuri is called by Kan-E-Senna, who oversees all in Gridania, to reason with the primal in a non-violent manner. Ramuh, unlike other primals, is wise as well as powerful, and can see reason. Upon approaching the wise one, Madhuri is told the usual shpiel: Humans are bad, yadda yadda, the world would be better without them. Through a trial by combat by Ramuh's bidding, Madhuri proves that humanity may have its faults, but there are people out there looking out for everyone in the end rather than at one's best interests. The alliance is kept intact as Ramuh peacefully returns to the lifestream.

An idea then forms: All life returns to the lifestream. Ascians, as immortals, defy this by hiding away in Crystals of Darkness hidden between worlds to quietly restore themselves to their former glory. If they were to be stored in some crystalline prison in this world, could they not feasibly be destroyed permanently before they could flee? Research thus begins on a method of doing so as Madhuri proceeds back to base.

Alphinaud has been busy founding a new organization, a force that does not belong to any city-state, but the realm itself. He forms the Crystal Braves, a group dedicated to the eradication of all threats to life on Eorzea. Just in time, too: From the north, Lord Haurchefant notes that his homeland's enemy - the heretics that stand with the dragons that fight to destroy Ishgard - now ally with a new leader known only as Lady Iceheart, and the heretics grow stronger every day under her watchful eye. The Scions and Crystal Braves then split, handling the rumors of Garlean spies among their midst on one end while another sets off to Coerthas to look into this Lady Iceheart.

The Holy See of Ishgard then reaches out for help. Having locked themselves away and keeping to their own business for decades, the development is strange. Madhuri and Alphinaud immediately answer the call and meet Ser Aymeric, head of the Temple Knights and representative of Ishgard. Though Aymeric staunchly refuses to rejoin the other city-states with the threat of the Garlemald succession war drawing to a close and resuming their campaign over Eorzea, he does note that Ishgard's Dragonsong War- having raged for hundreds of years- takes higher priority. However, he is willing to offer a small amount of aid in ensuring that supplies continue to move to Revenant's Toll, unharassed by Lady Iceheart's heretics. Hoping to build further communication with Ishgard, Alphinaud readily agrees to the arrangement. Just as well: Upon learning that another shipment was set upon by Iceheart's men, Madhuri heads off to investigate.

She learned that the heretics seek to resurrect their saint, considered an apostate who lay with dragons by the Ishgardians. Two and two are put together, and she discovered that they seek to summon the primal Shiva. Following the trail the attackers left behind, Madhuri finds the heretic hideout, and confronts Lady Iceheart herself.

The woman is a tall, slender beauty, but very much her namesake. She coldly rebukes the Warrior of Light, insisting she is doing what she can for the good of Eorzea and Hydaelyn, and working to end the Dragonsong War. As Iceheart escapes, Madhuri finds herself perplexed. That sounded more like Iceheart should be on HER side...

With no further leads, Madhuri heads back to assist in apprehending a Garlean spy in the midst of the city-state alliance: A woman working directly under Raubahn! Calling herself the Ivy, Roaille had been feeding the workings of the city-states as well as what she could glean from the Scions to Garlemald, explaining a good deal of how closely they seemed to be in the campaign against the primals and the safety of the realm.

With the Ivy apprehended, Madhuri proceeds to answer Minfilia's call: Moenbryda, from the far-off Sharlayan nation has come with a potential solution to their Ascian problems as well as a way to pursue Lady Iceheart, and that is a material known as White Auracite. With it, an Ascian soul could be sealed inside, and with a strong 'blade of aether', they could be destroyed with no chance of recovering. However, the auracite could also act as a beacon to allow transference to otherwise-inaccessible locations, but at great risk of one's soul becoming lost.

With that chance, despite her fears, Madhuri uses the auracite to transfer herself to where Lady Iceheart fled, and is mercifully successful. It is here where she confronts the woman and demands the truth, but is instead faced with another conundrum. Iceheart calls upon her power of the Echo, and takes Shiva into her body, acting as a vessel for the primal spirit. The battle is fierce, but soon Madhuri separates Shiva from Iceheart once more. As the woman flees, she bids the Warrior of Light to seek the Keeper of the Lake and find the answers she seeks. She returns to the Scions to describe what occurred.

Ishgard calls again. This time, it is Lucia, Aymeric's second in command. She reports that the astrologians of Ishgard foretell of something terrible happening soon involving dragons, something that hasn't happened in fifteen years when a great battle took place between the invading Garleans and countless dragons. Pointed in the direction of the lake that holds the corpse of the Dragon Lord, Madhuri heads there to investigate, and finds... well, nothing. It's a big, dead dragon wrapped up in the wreckage of the Garlean ship he destroyed.

But then the eyes begin to glow, and a voice fills Madhuri's head. The dragon is Midgardsormr, the very first, and in his anger with being disturbed from his rest attacks the auri. When she survives the assault and settles him down, Midgardsormr discovers Hydaelyn's blessing upon her. Insulted that the Mothercrystal would bless such a small, foolish thing, he moves to strike her down, but is stopped by a barrier. The dragon can feel it, feel that as Madhuri's strength grows, Hydaelyn weakens. If Ishgard can be saved, it can only be done by someone who does not borrow the power of another. Midgardsormr then darkens the Crystals of Light, cutting Madhuri off from her bonds with Hydaelyn. Declaring he is now her lord, the dragon fashions a small likeness of himself, and tells her that he will always be watching. If she can save Ishgard, she will, or die trying. Frightened, Madhuri flees from the lake. The secret of her new dragonic tag-along is kept a secret from the Ishgardians for fear of her safety, but things were about to get a whole lot worse.

No Blessing of Light? No protection against the Ascians. Madhuri was the acting seal and protection for Revenant's Toll, and one crafty Ascian named Nabriales found this out quick. Tupsimati, the artifact staff once held by the powerful wizard Louisoix and held in safe-keeping with Minfilia to keep it out of evil hands, is quickly taken along with the woman. With Tupsimati, anyone with even half a brain in magic could gather up enough aether to do whatever they wished. Moenbryda, gravely wounded in her attempt to protect Minfilia, bids Madhuri to go after Nabriales and get both the artifact and the woman back. The resulting thwomping is something an Ascian won't be forgetting any time soon.

With Minfilia freed, it's time to test the theory: The white auracite is brought forth to suck in Nabriales' soul. Successful. But as Madhuri struggles to form a 'blade of light' needed to destroy him, she finds herself coming up short without Hydaelyn's blessing. Moenbryda thinks quickly, offering the last of her life to give the blade that last bit of power it needs to put one Ascian down for good. It succeeds, but the victory is hollow. They'd lost a friend.

In the wake of mourning, Madhuri finding herself at a loss with how to comfort the Scions, Lucia arrives again. Ishgard is beset by the heretics once more, and requires help. As nobody else has answered their call for help - no surprise, considering Ishgard has refused to get involved in anything regarding the rest of Eorzea for quite some time - they had to swallow their pride and turn to the few that have decided to grant them aid. Madhuri agrees, and sets out despite the squabbling of her comrades about Ishgard's prior inaction.

Here she meets Estinien, the Azure Dragoon of Ishgard. He possesses the Eye of Nidhogg, the missing eye and the source of a dragon's power, which allows him to listen to the voice of the owner from within. It is this way that they find that a dragon named Nidhogg commands these creatures to take Ishgard, and burn it to the ground. With that name burning in her mind, Madhuri sets in to aid the Ishgardians in surviving the dragons' assault. Just in time, the city-states settle their grievances with Ishgard and decide to help as the great colossus and champion of Nidhogg, Vishap, descends like a great shadow over the Steps of Faith. In mere moments, the giant dragon would destroy Ishgard and everyone inside. But through the efforts of the city-states, the Crystal Braves, the Scions and Madhuri, the dragon falls just short of his mark while giving a roar of fury in his dying breath. Ishgard breathes a sigh of relief, and is granted an opportunity to help their wounded and rebuild broken structures.

The other nations, however, decide to celebrate the victory in hopes to build spirits and perhaps begin to build a new alliance with Ishgard after so many years. After weeks of planning, many of the Scions, the Braves, and the city-state leaders are in attendance including Aymeric and Lucia. Much drink and food was had, as well as polite conversation and good cheer. Meanwhile, Madhuri is running a little late as she is invited to speak with one of the Crystal Braves in private, only to find that she'd been stood up. In the Brave's place is an odd crystal vial, which is without thinking placed into her pocket before she heads back to the feast with vigor.

The sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo, bids Madhuri speak with her in private instead. Hoping she, too, won't just go missing, she acquiesces. In a beautiful private chamber, Nanamo and Madhuri break bread together. It is here that Nanamo confesses she plans to dissolve the syndicate and in turn the sultanate in hopes to prevent the rich from subjugating the poor. If the people can make their own decisions and find their own happiness without someone lording it over them, then she must do what she can to protect that idea. Madhuri doesn't believe it for a moment - in fact, that's one of the worst things to do - but she smiles and nods as it seems to make Nanamo happy. With the secret revealed to the young hero, in the hopes that it is kept hush-hush until she announces everything later in the feast, she happily attends to her goblet of wine and takes a drink.

Then chokes.

Then collapses to the floor. Madhuri felt the world stop, then, wondering what on earth just happened. Names, faces whiz through her mind, wondering who just might have it out for the sulta-

Teledji, backed by Ul'dahn authorities the Brass Blades, bursts into the chamber at that moment to exclaim his shock over what happened, and immediately accuses Madhuri of being an assassin. Teledji then plays his hand: He sends Aymeric and Lucia away, claiming a surprise attack from the dragons. Then he declares that Nanamo lies dead, and Raubahn is negligent in his duties as her 'guard bull'. Then, bound and chained, Madhuri is thrown before the crowd to reveal the so-called culprit, and the empty glass vial is removed from her pocket. As the Scions protest that Madhuri would never do such a thing, Teledji makes another claim: That the Echo has bewitched the Ishgardians as well as the rest of the realm into believing the Scions are good people as they lead the nations to war. This enrages Raubahn, who demands justice for what has been done. With evidence piling against Teledji for his treason, Raubahn slaughters the little merchant on the spot, to the horror of the crowd. Lolorito, another of the council presiding over Ul'dah, continues to taunt Raubahn for his recklessness, and orders the man to be arrested. When the Crystal Braves arrive to arrest him, it's revealed they had been in the back pocket of the likes of Teledji the entire time, and helped orchestrate the assassination. As a fierce battle ensues, the Scions flee for their lives, and one by one, Madhuri is urged onward to safety while each member stays behind to hold off the Brass Blades and Crystal Braves hot on their heels.

Once Madhuri finds fresh air and some semblance of freedom, she looks back. She is the only one left. In an odd sense, she is happy for the solitude, but not when it comes at the price of her comrade's deaths. With relief, she finds Alphinaud who- with Raubahn's son Pipin, who helped him escape- hitch a ride on a carriage and flee for Coerthas. Here they find a place of solace in Camp Dragonhead, where they again meet Haurchefant. In the name of House Fortemps, he swears, any who look for them will be turned away. Finally, FINALLY relieved, Madhuri finds herself taking a breather and over the coming days began taking an odd interest in Haurchefant. He had been so kind... always so kind. What on earth had she done to deserve this gentleman? For the first time since leaving her tribe, she began to think of the elezen as her first real friend, after spending as much time as possible keeping the Scions at arm's length despite their devotion to her... well, her title. Not her.

Madhuri and Alphinaud find Yugiri in Camp Dragonhead, as well as the cheerful Scion receptionist Tataru. Four individuals... all that remains of the Scions. With permission from Haurchefant's father to stay in the Fortemps Manor as wards, the shattered remnants of the group begins their journey into the Holy See of Ishgard.

Despite worries that they may cause trouble for House Fortemps, Count Edmont assures his son's friends that if they continue helping out as they have before, Ishgard will warm up to them in time. Eager to get started, Madhuri offers her hand to get to know the snowy city and learn of its people and customs while performing menial tasks here and there. It's here she meets Artoirel, Edmont's eldest son, and she sees to escorting him to the western highlands for a task involving the other noble houses.

It is here that, after performing a few tasks out in the frozen wilderness to gather supplies for the people settled in the town of Falcon's Nest, they encounter Lady Iceheart. Before a battle can be waged, Midgardsormr reveals himself to Iceheart, who muses that despite possessing the Echo, both Madhuri and Iceheart seem at odds with one another despite having the same goal. Iceheart explains that she has sided with the dragons after meeting Hraesvelgr, a powerful dragon and one of Midgardsormr's sons. The dragon was once the lover of Shiva, an elezen woman who sought peace between mortals and the dragons and achieved such peace through their bond together. She wanted not to see people fear dragons and vice versa any further, and so she gathered the heretics to her cause. With that, she takes her leave. With no further business and no other leads, Madhuri moves on to find more work.

No sooner does she return to Ishgard does she head out again. The very eager younger son, Emmanellain, is ready to head to the Sea of Clouds above the city itself to check in on the goings of another of the noble houses, responsible for air defense against the dragons. Here, Madhuri learns of the beast tribe of large owl... bear... creatures known as the Vanu Vanu. Unfortunately, in his eagerness to help you, Emmanellain is captured by the Vundu tribe. During the rescue mission, it is revealed that the Vundu Vanu Vanu plan on sacrificing the boy and the rest of the group to Bismarck, the great white whale and their patron primal. In the nick of time, Cid swoops in on the Enterprise, allowing the group to escape the malevolent beast tribe before they wind up in the belly of the sky whale. They hurry back to Ishgard to report their findings.

Madhuri returns to find that Alphinaud and Tataru have been detained by the Heavens' Ward, the Archbishop's group of bodyguards. Their crime? Inciting heresy. The Count suspects that the accusation was made by the other noble houses as punishment for the favor Ishgard was granting House Fortemps for housing such a prolific hero. The auri bard heads right for the proceedings, invoking a trial by combat. By her sheer strength and her desire to see things brought to order, Madhuri trounces the accusing Heavens' Ward knights, and clears Alphinaud and Tataru of all charges. The Archbishop, as well, sees fit to apologize to the Warrior of Light directly for the actions of his guards, and bids them to act freely in Ishgard and continue to conduct their work as normal.

News flows in from the south: Raubahn is being executed for his crimes. Madhuri and the others proceed back to the city-states to learn more. They find that Merlwyb and Kan-E-Senna have done everything in their power to stall the execution, demanding proof of any political conspiracy all the while, but are running out of time. If they plan on rescuing Raubahn, they better do it fast. He had been abducted from his prison cell to be executed rather personally by the Crystal Braves, a notion that enrages Alphinaud. They hurry into the rundown, abandoned prisons of Halatali to get the big man out, and battle the Crystal Braves along the way. After sending the Braves away with their tails between their legs, they hurry the wounded Raubahn from the prison and see to his well-being.

Upon the escape, the group receives a message bidding them an audience, and they answer to find a member of the syndicate. A neutral member, Dewlala reveals that they have all been played for saps by Lolorito, who has been orchestrating a few things to undermine Teledji's plans. Though his plan was to taunt Raubahn into killing him, Lolorito then swapped Namamo's poison with a sleeping potion. His plan all along was the survival of the sultana, but not without shaking things up a bit and removing his enemies along the way. Raubahn's hopes are lifted- Nanamo is alive?- but before they can confirm things with Lolorito, Ishgard issues a call for aid: There is another attack by the dragons.

When they arrive, the city is scrambling to prepare for battle, and Alphinaud has an idea: Why not parley with the dragons? Surely they could speak with Hraesvelgr, the brother of Nidhogg, and see to the end of the conflict. But to do so, they need to find Lady Iceheart. Estinien steps in and insists on joining the pilgrimage, seeing to the proceedings or seeing to killing Nidhogg outright himself if need be. So the merry, slightly-murderous party heads out on a pilgrimage through dragon-infested lands, searching for answers.

Upon encountering Lady Iceheart again, learning of their desire for parley, she describes that it was the removal of Nidhogg's eye that started the war. He will always attack Ishgard for as long as they possess it, but Estinien has a counterpoint: He has the eye on his person. Why isn't Nidhogg after him? So they all decide to seek Hraesvelgr for answers. Of any they could speak to involving the truth, it would be him.

Here, Madhuri learns of Iceheart's real name... Ysayle.

They travel onward, passing through to the base of a great mountain that they must climb. Here they meet Vidofnir, daughter of Hraesvelgr, who refuses them passage until the defeat of a terrible god that has arisen thanks to the insect beast race, the Gnath.

Alphinaud immediately volunteers to defeat the primal Ravana. Meaning, he volunteers Madhuri without thought. The bard remembers why she does not have friends within the Scions, but joins Ysayle in a plan to bait out Ravana and defeat him.

It's quite simple. The Gnath take them to Ravana, who is perplexed as to why they would let themselves into the antlion's den simply to speak. Ysayle becomes Shiva again, and challenges Ravana, but her power isn't enough on such short notice. After assuring Ysayle is alright, Madhuri heads in to battle the big bug under the condition that the winner takes all. As Ravana is defeated, he swears on his honor as a warrior that he will not continue his path of conquest, and allows both she and Ysayle to leave untouched. Pleased, Vidofnir allows them to climb the mountain.

Although Nidhogg placed many of his forces on the mountains to stop them, his own consort included, they are all soundly trounced and the group reaches the top, where they find the dominion of the dragons, the Churning Mists.

After doing many, many, MANY foolish chores for the lazy moogles who live among the Churning Mists, they grant the team a way to call down Hraesvelgr. A single blast, and the elder dragon descends in a disgruntled ruffle of feathers and scales. His solitude has been disturbed, what reason would mortals have to bother him?

Ysayle implores him to listen to their tale, lend their aid. She wagered he would turn an ear to her, as the incarnation of Saint Shiva, his beloved. Hraesvelgr responds in a rage, explaining what exactly a primal is: They are a phantom summoned by misplaced faith. A primal is not the creature they represent, but a symbol of the desire of the beast tribes who summon them. Ysayle's form as Shiva is not the true Shiva. Madhuri, shocked, to learn this, watches the hope and faith fade from the elezen woman's eyes. Hraesvelgr further explains how the Dragonsong War started...

King Thordan of Ishgard and his twelve knights, some two hundred years after Hraesvelgr and Shiva came together in love and crafted an era of peace, were hungry for power. They led the dragons' sister, Ratatoskr, away and slaughtered her, feasting upon her eyes like animals in hopes of gaining her powers. Nidhogg, enraged, attacks the group, killing the King and six of his knights. Thordan's son hefted his father's spear and blinded Nidhogg in retaliation, stealing both of his eyes. Thus, the Dragonsong War began as Nidhogg's revenge drowned out his sorrows for his lost sister. Though Estinien is in denial of the claim, Hraesvelgr further explains that Nidhogg had taken no actions to utterly wipe out Ishgard. He instead intends to inflict slow and constant pain to the sons and grandsons of the ones who killed his sister, burning down their hope and faith until nothing remained.

So it is decided. To end the Dragonsong War, one must in turn end Nidhogg. Though Ysayle refuses, wondering how bloodshed can make up for bloodshed, she has no other ideas. Grimly, the group tracks down Nidhogg's lair, but find it wrapped in a protective shield of aether. In preparation to head in and hit the belly of the beast, the group turns to Cid for a way past that barrier. He knew a way, of course, but he needed time. They needed to rest after their long journey, and then they could battle with fresh minds.

Until then, the group comes upon intelligence that Nanamo's slumbering form has been found, and they head there immediately. Madhuri, confused and wondering why they can't just stay and prepare for the battle against Nidhogg, decides to come with. They administer the antidote to the potion to Nanamo, who promptly wakes. But at the suggestion of Dewlala and Lolorito, Nanamo can't precisely dissolve the sultanate until the Garlean threat is taken care of. A new Emperor has been crowned, and he is rumored to be one of their greatest threats once the Empire advances once more upon Eorzea. With Ul'dah for now secure, Madhuri earns some rest. It's time to battle another dragon.

They challenge Nidhogg in his lair, and Estinien wields the eye to weaken the great beast. After a softening up by Madhuri's arrows, the dragoon tears the other eye from the beast, rendering him powerless. But the angered Nidhogg gives a warning: He'll get his vengeance the moment Estinien lets down his guard. But this was odd- Ishgard holds Nidhogg's other eye. How, then, did he manage to have two in their encounter? It is revealed that in a moment of pity, Hraesvelgr bestowed one of his eyes to his brother, fueling his revenge. He bears no regrets, admitting that Shiva's soul is what keeps him calm lately, and wishes only for solitude. The group returns Hraesvelgr's missing eye, and return home victorious.

They arrive to the Temple Knights preparing to drive away a group of heretics preparing to attack the city, but Ysayle talks them down. The war is over. Nobody else needs be hurt. Though at first in disbelief, the heretics choose to stand down and move away, creating confusion for the Knights and the Scions' Ishgardian comrades. They hurry to speak with Aymeric.

Aymeric, pleased to hear the news and of the revelations of their origins, heads off to speak with the Archbishop, his father. Worried that he will be accused to heresy, Lucia and the Scions prepare to defend him should the need arise.

But while they plan, they are set upon by one of the Heavens' Ward, who gleefully declares that Aymeric is under arrest for heresy and the Scions will follow suit. Splitting off into several groups, the party heads off to keep the Heavens' Ward occupied all while freeing Aymeric from his imprisonment. One by one, Madhuri battles the fanatic knights seeking to protect the Archbishop, all whole Lucia's group rushes to get Aymeric to safety. With her friend safe, the bard wants answers from the damned Archbishop.

She finds him fleeing to an airship, and she hurries to catch up to the old man. But a Heavens' Ward knight on the roof prepares a nasty surprise for her, and hurls a bolt of magic. The bard, with little chance to react, turns to see the bolt making its way toward her...

...To hit a shield. Harchefant's shield, precisely. But despite his strength and steel, the bolt makes short work of it, piercing his body and sending him sprawling. It's at this moment that Madhuri's world grinds to a halt. It's a strange and dizzying feeling, a sickening feeling.

She'd walked into darkened rooms and seen Scions lying dead on the floor, buried them. She'd fled Ul'dah as comrades fell. Yet it's watching this man bleed out, shakily holding her face and telling her that a smile better befits a hero while the lights face from his eyes that begins to open those hairline cracks.

The Scions knew the risks. They fought and died for their cause. But Haurchefant protected her when she was so determined to catch the Archbishop, now getting away. He died so that she may live. For the first time in as long as she could remember, Madhuri felt her first moment of heartbreak.

The Archbishop and the Heavens' Ward would never see her coming before they ate dirt.

But a girl had to move on, and grant Haurchefant's final wish to not grieve for him. Instead, she would put a stop to the Archbishop and the knights, and with the clue of 'Azys Lla' spoken aloud by the old man before their departure, a destination was set.

Tracking the last known location the airship passed through, the team returns to the Sea of Clouds, where they see a team of Garleans attacking a Vanu Vanu, seeking Azys Lla. With the Garleans driven off, the creature invites them to their camp, where they meet a benevolent group of the bird men. They describe how the airship passed through not long ago, looking for the forbidden area of Azys Lla. The key to find it, however, was on an island that has since been eaten by Bismarck, as the islands are packed with wind crystals that restore his energy. With their permission, as primals are not the true figures the beast tribes worship, the group straps a small island to the back of the Enterprise, with intent to bait the whale and hunt him down.

Despite it being one of the strangest yet most thrilling battles she's ever faced, Bismarck is put to rest, and with each victory, the bard feels her connection to the Crystals of Light returning. But before she can grab the key, the Archbishop arrives with one of the Ascians. As the latter subdues Madhuri, her blessing still weak, the Archbishop activates the key, learning of Azys Lla's location. They set off, leaving the bard behind. Why they don't just kill her, nobody knows, but laziness in enemies is very convenient.

Unfortunately, as quick as they are to follow the Archbishop, yet another barrier stands in their way. With a sigh, they turn to Cid for answers, and for once the man has none. However, Pipin has a clue- Azys Lla is Allagan technology, and Archons of Sharlayan - a great scholar - would know how to get in. He then hands them the wand of one of their old comrades from the Scions, a conjurer named Y'shtola. Learning that she may have used old teleportation magic to escape the Brass Blades, they trace the aether trail left behind to determine her potential location.

This leads the group to Gridania, and with the help of the conjurers living within town, they manage to pluck Y'shtola from the lifestream. Alphinaud notes that that was all tremendously convenient. Madhuri agrees. But Y'shtola wakes and after a catch-up of the events since Nanamo's 'poisoning' tells the group that she doesn't know a way past the barrier. However, she knows someone who can! So they set off for the last known location of Master Matoya.

What they find instead is a settlement in ruins, run by goblins and treasure hunters. The goblins seem friendly enough, and after a long list of chores for the sake of proving themselves to the creatures, they help clear the path toward an odd cave dug away from the nearby mountains, where Matoya now resides. Matoya and Y'shtola exchange sarcastic pleasantries.

When asked about Azys Lla, Matoya pales. The structure is meant to trap primals and use their energy, and it's best forgotten. But seeing as the Archbishop and the Garleans are both on the hunt for the Allagan tech, there's little choice. Madhuri is sent to an abandoned magical library to the west to find a book recording ancient technology, namely seige weapons, and eager to check out such a place the bard agrees. In short order, battling the still-active defense mechanisms within, Madhuri gets her grubby little hands on the book and hurries it back to Matoya. She bids the book go to Cid so he can build something to bypass the barrier.

This gives birth to the Enterprise Excelsior, ready to rumble! But before Madhuri departs, she is given another white auracite, and is told to eradicate the Ascian that was with the Archbishop. Who is she to argue?

The Enterprise bursts through the barrier, only to be attacked by Garlean ships. As Cid frantically pilots them around the greater dangers, he fears they've made a mistake and might need to make an emergency landing somewhere, or risk perishing. Then, from the mists, Hraesvelgr appears with Ysayle on his back. With her faith renewed that the Warrior of Light would see this conflict through, she uses her Crystal of Light to become Shiva once more. She lays waste to many of the Garlean ships, but is then overwhelmed with cannonfire. Without ample crystal energy, Ysayle cannot maintain her shape, but is glad in providing some kind of distraction for Madhuri and the group to find a place to land and hide from the Garlean assault. They watch as Ysayle, energy spent, allows her body to dissolve into mist and nothingness rather than hurtle to the ground below. Shocked, Madhuri lands on Azys Lla and needs a moment to let what just happened sink in.

...But gets no time. Cid and the gang are hurriedly fighting to explore the odd labyrinth of platforms and chains that make up the fortress Azys Lla, all while escaping Garlean pursuit. Along the way, they encounter one of Midgardsormr's daughters, Tiamat, bound in chains. She tells the tale of how she and her beloved Bahamut were once set upon by the Allagans. With Bahamut's death and her resulting despair, she was fooled by the opportunistic Ascians, and had Bahamut resurrected as a primal. One look upon the dread shade told her that her love had not come back, and she should never have been fooled by such devious creatures. Though Midgardsormr implores her to free herself and see to making things right again, Tiamat instead insists that her destiny is to be chained here until the very world ends. Determined to see to the end of this conflict, Madhuri feels her blessing to Hydaelyn return, which surprises Midgardsormr. Her trial with him was now complete: She has through her actions proved she is the rightful bearer of the blessing. Bearing the auri on his back, Midgardsormr departs from his despairing daughter, and instead takes the Warrior of Light to the center of Azys Lla, where the Archbishop and his knights awaited. Entrusted with the eye of Nidhogg by Estinien, she is assured that she will have the power to handle anything inside.

The central portion of the great fortress, the Aetherochemical Research Facility, is a massive factory filled with monstrocities and machines, all churning toward an unknown goal. As Madhuri battles to the heart of it, finding two Ascians waiting for her, she realizes that they had been building conditions for the Archbishop to become a primal along with his knights. The resulting power and despair they would bring would guide the world toward an awakening of Zodiark.

Madhuri makes her move, battling the two Ascians. But she realizes something quickly, as the auracite moves to trap the creature: It can only house one of the creatures, who in turn are made of an immense amount of energy. With the power of Nidhogg's eye, Madhuri creates a blade of aether that destroys one. The other Ascian laughs, noting that she has no other toys and is powerless to stop him.

The Archbishop then arrives, bearing King Thordan's coffin and his Heavens' Ward knights. Inside the coffin is an unaged, strangely whole corpse, and it's easily evident why when the missing eye of Nidhogg is firmly planted in the dead man's armor. The Archbishop removes it, and with its power, becomes the primal form of King Thordan himself. Combined with his knights, he becomes God-King with the Knights of the Round at his beck and call. The Ascian, surprised by the developments, is then neatly destroyed and absorbed by the Archbishop's blade. He then issues a challenge to Madhuri: He aims to bring order to this world of chaos, and will destroy all who seek to continue to practice heresy under his new reign. If she has issue with such a declaration, she is welcome to challenge him. Of course, she does so before he can absorb any more power because a lot of primals are already contained inside the structure.

The battle is fierce, crazy, and something Madhuri can still not describe accurately to this day. But in the end, the battle is won. With the Heavens' Ward defeated and the Archbishop lying dying on the ground, he asks Madhuri one question with his dying breath: What ARE you?

She still doesn't know.

Estinien arrives to retrieve both eyes, and is relieved to know everything is finally over. Unfortunately, the moment Nidhogg had been waiting for had arrived, and the dragoon let down his guard. Estinien is forcibly changed into a shade of Nidhogg, and takes off into the skies to continue his revenge. Helpless, Madhuri hurries to report back to the team in Ishgard.

The news is grave. Aymeric, though relieved the Archbishop is gone, finds that the Dragonsong War may not yet be over. Still, he swears to stand in his father's place and instead work to right past wrongs and rebuild bonds between man and dragon. Also, Ishgard finally rejoins the Eorzean Alliance with Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah. Despite the dangers still lurking about, the tone is quite hopeful. Bonds and alliances are finally mending themselves and new ones are beginning.

But it isn't without its difficulties. Grumbling confusion and outcries from the Ishgardians are fearful that change is happening too fast. They've lived as they had for hundreds of years; change does not happen overnight! The Temple Knights work to quell the fears and occasional squabbling, but Aymeric is hopeful. But during a ceremony of peace between man and dragon, the faith of the people is tested: Estinien, inhabited by Nidhogg, appears to strike down the attending Vidofnir, announcing his renewed campaign to destroy Ishgard and the rest of the Alliance. With his intent to shake them achieved, Nidhogg escapes.

Madhuri convenes with Alphinaud and Y'shtola, as well as the scholar Krile on how to further proceed. There is a small note of hope in that there may be a way to separate Estinien from Nidhogg, and there is small suspicion it may occur when one tears out the dragon's eyes attached to his armor. It sounds so simple, but it carries with it a mountain of risk... they have to try, don't they?

They confer with Aymeric, who informs them that Nidhogg is making good on his word. He'll be attacking Ishgard himself and he's playing for keeps. He's assured he has no chance of failure because he is keeping Estinien's body hostage, following his plan to continue to wear the spirits of humanity. Desperate and without stronger allies, they propose a plan to ask Hraesvelgr for aid. But after such a struggle to speak with him even remotely amicably and without Ysayle, can they hope to ask him to kill his brood-brother?

When they reach his roost and call him down, suspicions are confirmed: Hraesvelgr refuses to kill his brother, asking if any one of them would do the same. Aymeric reminds the dragon that the Archbishop was his father, but he deemed it necessary to stop him for the sake of the realm. Combined with the efforts the Scions have put forth before, the great dragon decides with great reluctance to put them to the test. In a trial by combat, he wishes to see whether or not they have what it takes to battle Nidhogg without the crutches of his eyes' power to wear him down. Aymeric, Alphinaud and Madhuri each battle on somber grounds: Sohr Khai, where the late Ratatoskr once lived. Faced with the bloodied memories of their ancestors while staring death in the eyes of Hraesvelgr and his brood, the team just barely passes the bar. With their survival of the dragons' assault and some consideration, Hraesvelgr decides to help the team with their cause. A shade of his brother is not the same as the one that emerged from that hard shell in the time before time.

The night is dark and unforgiving on the night that Nidhogg descends upon Ishgard, right on the same Steps of Faith that they'd defeated Vishap so long ago. In the nick of time, Madhuri on the back of Hraesvelgr arrives to end the Dragonsong War once and for all. But first, the great white dragon has words and blows to exchange with the black fury of Nidhogg. Madhuri bears witness to a fierce and bloody battle between the two dragons until, with horror, Hraesvelgr is downed. Nidhogg, gleeful and clenching one of the torn wings of his brother, mocks the little auri for attempting to stop his plans for revenge. Infused with the sheer power of his hatred, Nidhogg appears unstoppable... so Hraesvelgr offers a trump card in the form of one of his eyes, bestowed upon Madhuri. With the playing field level, the bard summons all of her strength, and clashes with the furious dragon.

This battle is one that Madhuri won't soon forget, and tested every ounce of her wiles. Though Hraesvelgr's eye was a boon to her, Nidhogg amounted to a mountain of rage, teeth and claws. But after a clash that lasted for nearly hours, Nidhogg is finally beaten back, leaving Estinien behind. The elezen, struggling with the rage coursing through his veins, demands that she kill him. Killing him would kill Nidhogg, and put an end to everything.

Instead, Alphinaud and Madhuri approach him, and grasp the eyes embedded in his armor. As they pull with all of their might, Madhuri swears she sees a familiar, smiling face and feels her heart skip with newfound sorrow as a pair of shimmering hands lay over her own, giving her that last ounce of strength she needed. Urged by Aymeric, Madhuri and Alphinaud cast Nidhogg's eyes into the abyss below the massive bridge, eliminating any chance for the dragon to make a return. Hurriedly, they take an unconscious Estinien away to an infirmary.

After the events of that night, it seemed that Ishgard would finally see peace. As the sun rose and set, rose and set over the city, Estinien seemed to be getting stronger. With his renouncement of the title of Azure Dragoon, Aymeric takes it up with the hopes to maintain bonds between man and dragon. With the separation of church and state instated, Ishgard's shots are now called by both the commoners and the nobles in something akin to a republic, with the hope of leaving their troubled beginnings behind them.

Which, of course, doesn't include the rumblings from the south. Some twenty years prior, the kingdom of Ala Mhigo had fallen to the Garlean Empire, and in the wake of Ishgard's liberation as well as the unification of every city-state, refugees from the fallen city were - understandably - pissed right off. The city-states have ignored them, they say, and left them to starve in the streets.

At the head of said grumblings was a man known as The Griffin. By attacking a Garlean structure wall blocking the city-states from entering Ala Mhigan territory, his followers dressed as members of the Grand Companies of the city-states, the wait would linger no longer. With the Empire assuming the city-states of the Eorzean Alliance have finally decided to declare war, the latter was pushed into having no choice. Madhuri is assigned a small team of her fellow adventurers to climb Baelsar's Wall and confront The Griffin. The masked man reveals himself as Ilberd, an old comrade turned traitor, sick to death of Ala Mhigo's plight going ignored. In his fury, surrounded by the deaths of his comrades, he performs the unthinkable: He creates a brand new Primal, using himself as the conduit. What is born is the dragon Shinryu, a beast of pure vengeance. It required the quick thinking of Papalymo of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and his sacrifice, to bind Shinryu and buy the Alliance more time to come up with a plan.

They aren't given much time, but come across some old Allagan technology: Omega Weapon. Setting it loose on Shinryu proved fruitful at first, but the resulting battle sent them both flying in two separate and unknown directions. This is the straw that broke the camel's back, urging the Alliance to delve into new territory before all is lost to what may be a still-living, still-breathing Shinryu.

To Madhuri's shock - how could the city-states ignore them like that for twenty-odd years and only NOW answer their call? - the Alliance seems reluctant even as they agree to head in and take back the stolen lands. Once again, Madhuri is voluntold to help front the forward march. This took them to Rhalgr's Reach, the hidden base of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, who seem exasperated with the arrival of the Alliance (only adding to Madhuri's sympathies).

The Resistance has bad news, to boot: The Griffin had dwindled many of their resources and allies, and others still have grown tired of decades of defeats. If they aim to truly take back Ala Mhigo, they must first see if they can drum up allies. All eyes turn to the city-state of Doma, it too claimed by a fragment of the Garlean Empire far across the sea to the east. Should they liberate it, perhaps then they will have the allies and good faith they need to finally take back what's been gone for a quarter of a century.

Along the way, they find no remnants of hope, the people themselves fearing the presence of any liberators lest the Doman viceroy- a woman named Yotsuyu- find out and punish them for even speaking with them. Temporarily disheartened, Madhuri's group moved onward.

Their next destination: The Azim Steppe. Madhuri's ancestral homeland.

Having never laid eyes upon the rolling plains, the jutting mountains and the brisk winds of her parents' youth, the trip was a learning experience. While awash with the culture she never had the chance to grow up in, the bard's allies are less than pleasant when faced with the Xaela's customs. Despite their rudeness, Madhuri was sure that if anyone would fight and drive out their enemies from Doma - perhaps Ala Mhigo - it would be her people. What she didn't expect, however, was that she'd have to bump heads with traditions older than time.

Upon getting tested by the xaela and passing as new warriors upon the Steppe, they invite Madhuri and the others to battle in the Naadam: A traditional battle between each of the xaela tribes to see who next would sit upon the Dawn Throne. Before Madhuri could volunteer to represent the Qalli, the group decided to join the Mol, the weakest of the tribes. To win as the weakest would turn more ears in respect, and in turn earn them the right to bid the xaela join them in the battle for Doma and beyond. The battle is one of attrition, but despite the sweat and blood, Madhuri claims the land in the name of the... Mol. A pity. With tradition on their side, the group bids the xaela not to join them in the Resistance, but to find the battle they crave against the Empire. Hungry for a true test, the xaela agree and add their arms to the Resistance as a splinter force.

Shortly after, Yugiri- a comrade of Madhuri's and a denizen of Doma- sees an opportunity: The prince of the Empire, Zenos yae Galvus, is due to arrive in Doma to over see the viceroy's progress. To kill two birds with one stone would pre-emptively free Doma! Sensing EVERYTHING going wrong, Madhuri agrees, if anything to keep from losing a strong member of the team.

Zenos, in short, demolishes them before an assassination attempt can be made. Were it not for the arrival of aid in the form of farmhands and downtrodden Doman refugees, both Yugiri and Madhuri would have lost their lives. To boot, Zenos saw potential in Madhuri as an opponent he can actually go all out against, revealing his psychopathic, animalistic nature. For this, Zenos lets them go but demands that the bard come find him again after she grows stronger. What a strange man. Stranger still, he departed Doma, almost as if bequeathing it to the party.

Without much trouble, the opposition met the ends of the bard woman's arrows. Any reinforcements are stomped by xaela forces on the backs of their great warbirds. But in the aftermath of the battle, Doma Castle collapses, rigged to be destroyed in the event of a take-back. But a castle is but a building, and can be rebuilt. Doma, the nation, was finally free.

But with every success of the Alliance, the beast tribes rumbled louder. Fear and despair birthed Susano, the primal of the turtle-like Kojin, and Lakshmi, the primal of the snake-like Ananta. With no time for rest, Madhuri gathered a party to defeat them both, as - with every primal encounter - the beast tribes are beyond negotiation when they summon their violent entities. With their silence, the Resistance got a little time to rest, reflect, and wonder what awaited them in Ala Mhigo.

Soon the table was set. Refugees, the downtrodden, Kojin, Ananta, Xaela and countless members of the Alliance geared up at Ala Mhigo's gates to prepare for the final push.

Madhuri's task was "simple": Find Zenos, and defeat him. Right. Easy.

Delving into Ala Mhigo proper, slipping past guards before the final push was simple enough, but once the battle started the hunt was on for a psychopath. Fortunately, when a man has an ego, he's easy enough to find in the center of all the chaos. Madhuri does battle with Zenos, enduring every ounce of ferocity the garlean had to offer. But when he invited her upstairs, Madhuri had to ponder just how - er - eager he was to encounter her further. Thank goodness, it was only to show her that he'd found Shinryu and had bound him in his garden as an interesting addition to his collection of weapons.

...Wait, what!?

Zenos merrily removed the seal, awakening the angry Shinryu, and in an odd twist of fate, he merged with the dragon. The threat of world destruction all the more real, Madhuri threw caution off a cliff and faced the beast with everything she had. Its anger, previously a shocking sight, was thick enough to taste in the air itself. Yet she beat back the beast, dispersing it to the aether in the same manner as every other primal she's defeated, leaving Zenos broken and bleeding in the flowers. Expressing joy for finally feeling something in the ensuing battle, Zenos took his own life to preserve that feeling until his last breath.

Perplexed, shaken, yet deep-down-in-the-gut relieved, Madhuri turned to her comrades as they race up the stairs to see what's transpired. Not long after, the horn of victory is sounded over the Ala Mhigan streets.

Ala Mhigo is freed. Long live Ala Mhigo. But as everyone's voice lifted high above the stones and blood, one question remained: What happened to the Omega Weapon?

That remained to be seen. Until then, two decades of oppression had come to an end.

AGE: 21
CANON POINT: Just after Zenos' defeat and Ala Mhigo's liberation.

Because of her upbringing among the Qalli, song practically dances in her blood, and she grew to love all things musical or poetic. Such a strong passion leads her to believe that song can express emotion where spoken word can otherwise not, and in times of peril or stress she finds herself singing to help herself keep calm and cool. This does, of course, make her seem a little strange to outsiders. It even makes her seem a little nuts to start reciting some old tune she'd overheard in a bar when deep inside she's a little unsure.

This isn't often, however. The singer is also quite the performer. Watching her clanmates dance and attending as many plays and interactive tales as possible led her to believe that her body can be used as well as her voice to express what she wishes. Madhuri grew into a proficient actor as well as singer, to the point where sometimes even she isn't sure how she really is deep down when, most of the time, she puts out a charismatic persona to help ease the troubles of others. She tries to be as outgoing and as friendly as possible, ready with a joke or a song to keep her in many's good graces.

But to this day, the uncertainty still plagues her. Is she insecure? Of course she is. She's a small, rather strange-looking woman with her horns and tail, and a beauty that tends to turn heads. While she does not consider that a curse by any means, she does wonder if all of this interest she keeps getting will end the moment she relaxes and stops singing or acting. She wonders if there's some sort of personality in her that will bore her companions or potential beloved ones.

Becoming the Warrior of Light absolutely did not help matters any. Many protagonists consider being a chosen one of some kind a blessing or a path toward destiny and bettering one's self as a person, but Madhuri dreads and actually loathes her role each and every day. She thought she had it so simply, you see, traveling the world and seeing what there is to see, composing songs and choreographing dances. But knowing that the world absolutely depends on you is a terrifying thought. How can someone who is still learning bit by bit of themselves have the capacity to learn of the dangers surrounding her as Hydaelyn's chosen, learn of the threat of the Ascians, the primals and the rest?

Why was she never given the chance to say no, give that crap to someone else?

All she wanted to be was a simple bard. Now, as companions who champion her foisted cause die at her feet protecting her or suffer worse fates, she finds herself withdrawing. People are lighting up when they see her- not HER of course, but the Warrior of Light- and then dying heroically for her. That's terrifying. That's terrifying. She barely knows these people, and just as well, as she feels these people don't know her either.

But she grins and bears it as best as she can, and that's the crux of Madhuri. She fights to be something everyone needs: A rock, a crutch, some emotional support of some kind, or the funny girl that finds just the right thing to say. She flirts- rather shamelessly- to maintain some form of control for once in her life and takes great joy in making men squirm a little. But she wishes deep down that someone would ask her if she's okay. If someone would just ask her how she's holding up and speak with her as an individual rather than some special chosen snowflake, she feels she may start actually figuring herself out. She may actually start feeling okay.

But until then, she'll keep singing and dancing, flirting, acting the role many expect her to. Because what else has she got at this point, when she's supposed to be the gods-damned savior of the realm?

God, she's so lonely...


-Bard Abilities. In short, a bard in FF14 is an archer that uses music to bolster the damage her party inflicts on enemies. Depending on the song sung, using Troubador boosts a party's magic defense, physical defense, or their health for a short time. She can also fire magicked arrows when the situation calls for it.

-The Echo: Blessed by Hydaelyn, Madhuri has the power of the Echo. This renders her immune to the forced influence of deities. It also, oddly enough, renders her able to glimpse scenes from the past of an individual she's speaking with. I will be making a permissions post for this. Without the all-clear, I assume the Echo never triggers for the person she is speaking to. This works, too, as the plot has been inconsistent with when the Echo triggers and doesn't explain why.

OTHER: Madhuri is an accomplished cook as a top-level Culinarian. Let her feed the world.


MAGIC ABILITY: Hypnotic Dancing. Madhuri begins a dance and targets can be distracted or entranced. Weaker-willed targets (or those with permission given) feel compelled to join in the dance.
PRICE: A photo of dear Haurchefant, a physical manifestation of her memories of him.
ACCLIMATION: I peg her at an 8 approaching 9. Alternate worlds have become common knowledge of her as well as her lack of reluctance to jump into portals and see what's on the other side. She has itchy feet in that regard, always wanting to see something new and new opportunities to collect coin. What prevents her from hitting the top is the fact that, although she LOVES the opportunity to step out of being Warrior of Light, she wonders if the world will blow up without her. But she will have a great time and put that little worry on the backburner willingly.




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